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But the desires in your minds eye, it’s not what pickup artists use to attract you. Learn to enjoy these hobbies that men enjoy, and you’ll win many girlfriend material points. Yes it does, and that’s why you like it.“But I don’t like tattoos on guys either.” I understand that not all women like tattoos, but it’s not a deal breaker the way tattoos on women are. If we find the balls to approach you, and we say something a little dumb, don’t be such a bitch to us.They have an inside joke about women–that you don’t even know what you are attracted to. We don’t want to hear about your trip to get your hair done (unless it’s a great story). Look at the things men do for recreation, and educate yourself. Use a little strategy and you can seduce that guy with your wisdom. The reason is because many men have a Madonna Whore complex. If we deserve it because we said something rude, or we can’t take a hint from your body language, all you have to say is “I’m sorry but I’m not available.” Say you have a boyfriend, or that we seem nice, but you just aren’t interested.And if you’re single in your thirties, you probably don’t want to learn. If you’re getting mad, that’s because you recognize the truth. For some reason, western women have been taught that an aloof, bitchy, challenging attitude is attractive to men. Just think back to every bad boy you’ve ever lusted after. Think back to that man who picked you up at a party, or the bookstore.

Sarah’s wounds were quickly patched, but Alyson lapsed into a coma.

This is not a guide to make you feel good about yourself, to boost your self-esteem and tell you everything will be alright if you believe in yourself.

It’s about what actually works, and what most men wish for in a girl they desire. And I know a little bit about the woman’s perspective.

I can’t speak for all men, but I’ve been involved in the men’s dating needs industry for almost ten years, and I’ve spoken to hundreds of men about their desires. Unfortunately, most women (besides my female readers) don’t take much time to explore their own psychology and understand their attraction triggers.

Ask a woman what she’s attracted to and she might say, “Kind,” or “Funny,” or “A good/real guy.”In her mind she will picture Ryan Gosling, or a celeb she finds physically attractive. If you would get off your phone and start reading, we could have some amazing, intelligent conversations. Plenty of meatheads in small logging communities all over the world. Many guys like sports and video games and politics and philosophy.

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If you’re over the bend and losing your appeal, work harder to stay fit, dress well, and utilize your wisdom to become the best damn conversationalist you can be. We go to the gym, we improve our style and grooming, we try to make more money, all to be more attractive, because that’s what works.

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